About the Lehigh Valley

In the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania's third most populated metropolitan region, you'll find excellent schools, a vibrant economy, fine dining, exhilarating recreation, championship golf courses, trendy shopping, even wineries.

The Lehigh Valley's principal cities are Allentown, Bethlehem, and Easton. The Lehigh Valley is an actual valley that lies between two large Pennsylvania mountain ranges, Blue Mountain to the north and South Mountain to the south.

Lehigh Valley's 730 square miles of rolling hills offer immense options for business and pleasure. With rugged beauty, charm and welcoming atmosphere, you'll find that the Lehigh Valley is a wonderful place to raise a family, start a new career or just visit... it's the perfect setting to enjoy remarkable history, rich culture and dynamic nightlife. Search for things to see & do, places to eat & drink and sleep, and more facts about the Lehigh Valley at www.LehighValleyPA.org and at www.LehighValley.org1

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With eleven colleges and universities, a wealth of top-notch public and private schools for K-12 students and numerous career training programs, the Lehigh Valley goes right to the head of the class when it comes to education.

Lehigh Valley School Districts

Approximately 83,000 students attend our public schools in the Lehigh Valley, while others opt for private and parochial educations. To help learn more about the 17 public school districts in and around the Lehigh Valley, visit the following web sites:

Links to School Comparisons, "Report Cards" and School District Information:

Links to Local Colleges and Universities:

Arts, Music and Theater

Recreational Activities

Amusement parks, skiing and snowboarding, golf, pro sports and outdoor adventures – the Lehigh Valley has it all and so much more!

Amusement Parks and Festivals:

Professional & Collegiate Sports:

  • Valley Preferred Cycling Center - International caliber bicycle racing
  • Allentown Iron Pigs (Triple A baseball excitement)
  • Eagles NFL Training Camp (every summer at Lehigh University)
  • Numerous college- and university-level sports
  • New York & Philadelphia professional sports teams are less than 2 hours away!

For Athletes:


For Golfers: